Conquer the Sand in Just 3 Hours!

Learn why a bunker play is the easiest shot in golf!

Struggling to get out the sand?

Often taking more than 1 shot?

Is the fear of bunkers ruining your enjoyment of the game?

About the Programme:

  • Duration: 3 Hours of Specialised Coaching
  • Format: Flexible Sessions (1 hour or 30 minutes)
  • Suitable For: Golfers of All Ages and Skill Levels
  • Available With: Kris Nicol or Peter Myers

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Transform Your Bunker Game:

  • Escape with Ease: Learn the simple techniques to confidently get out of any bunker first time, every time

  • Sand Shot Mastery: Understand the dynamics of different bunker shots

  • Consistent Execution: Develop a reliable approach to bunker play

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Right Technique: Master the stance, swing, and follow-through for effective bunker shots

  • Sand Type Adaptation: Learn how to adjust your shots for different types of sand

  • Club Selection: Choosing the right club for various bunker situations including the importance of ‘bounce’ angle

  • Shot Strategy: Techniques for both close-range and long-distance bunker shots

  • Mental Approach: Overcoming the psychological challenges associated with bunker play

  • Continuous Improvement: Get a video summary sent to your phone after each lesson, along with practice session guides and drills

Why Choose Bunker Play Made Easy?

  • Expert Coaching: Learn from PGA Qualified Professionals.
  • Practical Application: Hands-on practice in real bunker scenarios.
  • Tailored Instruction: Personalised coaching to suit your individual style.
  • Skill Enhancement: Techniques that improve your overall short game.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Video summaries, practice guides, and drills included.
  • Confidence Boost: Gain the confidence to tackle any bunker challenge.

How to Join

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  4. Enjoy your lessons and shooting lower scores

Introductory Offer
Only £149.00

Save £40.00 – Usually £189.00


Alex’s Breakthrough in the Bunker

The Bunker Blues

Alex, a dedicated golfer with a decent handicap, had always felt a sense of dread whenever his ball landed in a bunker. No matter how well he played the fairways and greens, bunkers were his undoing. Each time he found himself in the sand, his heart sank. He struggled with the right stance and swing, often either hitting the ball too far or barely getting it out of the sand. His friends offered advice, but nothing seemed to work. Bunkers were Alex’s golfing nightmare.

The Sand Trap Struggle

It wasn’t just about the extra strokes; it was the frustration and embarrassment that came with each failed attempt to escape the sand. Alex knew that to lower his handicap and enjoy his game fully, he needed to conquer his bunker play. He tried watching online tutorials and practicing in the sand, but his improvement was slow and inconsistent. The uncertainty and lack of confidence in the bunker were holding him back.

Conquering the Sand with Bunker Play Made Easy

That’s when Alex discovered the “Bunker Play Made Easy” program at Dunes Golf Centre. With a mix of hope and determination, he signed up. The program, led by PGA Qualified Professionals, was a game-changer. Alex learned the proper techniques for different bunker situations, including stance, swing, and club selection. The coaches provided hands-on guidance, helping him adjust his approach based on the type of sand and shot distance.

Through personalised coaching and practical drills, Alex’s skills in the bunker improved dramatically. He learned to read the bunker conditions, choose the right club, and execute shots with confidence. The mental aspect of his game strengthened too, as he overcame the fear and uncertainty that bunkers once represented.

Now, when Alex’s ball lands in a bunker, he sees it as an opportunity rather than a setback. His newfound confidence and skill in bunker play not only improved his scores but also brought a new level of enjoyment to his game.

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Introductory Offer
Only £149.00

Save £40.00 – Usually £189.00