If your ball is starting to the right and going in a straight line to finish right of target then it’s known as a push or a block. This is caused by a clubface that is square to a path that is travelling to the right of the target line. We call this an in-to-out path.

If the clubface closes, the ball would fly with a curvature from right to left – often referred to as a draw. Or, if it is very closed, it would result in a severe hook.

In most golfers, the bigger the path reading (whether in to out or out to in) the bigger the cone of dispersion. In other words, the bigger misses the golfer will experience both left and right of the target.

Case Study: Liam Allan

Liam has been taking a series of lessons with PGA Professional Kris Nicol at Dunes Golf Centre.

Notice how Liam’s right foot would pop up pushing the right knee and hip towards the ball as seen below (Image 1)

Image 1

His path was around 7 degrees in-to-out with the clubface square causing blocks or, if it got closed, would cause a hook.

We gave him a feel for rolling the right foot on the instep using a balance tube (Image 2) Then we gave him some external cues using alignment sticks. We wanted him to ‘feel’ like he was starting the ball slightly left of target with a small curve from left to right.

Image 2

After hitting a number of shots with these new ‘feels’ we found that the ball was starting on or slightly left of target with minimal curvature. His path had dropped from 7 degrees to just 1 degree in to out.

Image 3 really highlights some of the visual changes in positions that were achieved in a very short space of time.

He found that he could swing as far to the left as he could but still produce a good number. From here he will go and work on his new ‘feels’ and we can track and re-measure these changes the next time he comes back in.

Image 3

Why choose Dunes to improve your golf?

Of course, you can go on YouTube to try and find the answers to your poor golf. But why not speed up the process and get straight to what you need and cut the time spent wading through everything you don’t need?

As highlighted above, the technology the 3 PGA professionals have access to at Dunes allows things to be measured, and what can be measured can be changed.

We want to help you enjoy playing better golf so give us a call on 01346 510693 or go to www.dunesgolfcentre.co.uk/bookalesson 

Customer Testimonial from Colin Buchan
“I thought the lesson was really good. Kris made me feel relaxed. For being my first ever lesson I thought I gained a lot of knowledge and can’t wait to come back. I have only started golfing and would recommend these lessons to anyone. Being a total beginner I did not know what to expect. Great service provided.”
Thanks, Colin

Did you know… you can give a golf lesson to a friend or family member as a gift? Gift certificates are available on our website to print at home or can be emailed to the recipient. Go to www.dunesgolfcentre.co.uk/giftvouchers or they can be purchased in-store or over the phone.

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