Do tension and nerves wreck your game?
Do you fail to realise your potential?

With the golf season now in full swing, I am seeing an increasing number of new clients who feel they are failing to realise their potential. The first few medals have been played and the handicap has gone up point one each time, despite preparing for the season better than ever before.

Golfers have a potential level of performance primarily governed by their technical ability to perform a good, repeatable, swing action.

If the technique is improved there is a higher ‘potential’ level of performance. Notice how I state a ‘potential’ level and not a definite improvement in performance.

This is because of a simple equation:

Performance = Potential – Interference

Interference can take on different forms but the most consistent and destructive to performance is that which comes from within – the self-talk.

This includes what you say whilst you are playing the game and also beliefs that you forge about your golf. Often our beliefs are very limiting.

A quick example of the power of belief is back when the ‘4 minute mile’ used to be considered completely impossible – even doctors had written articles saying this time was not humanly possible. Therefore, when Roger Bannister finally broke the record in 1954, it was considered that this record would never be achieved again – yet in the following 12 months, 32 other runners broke his record.

Legendary golfer and my childhood hero – Nick Faldo said, “The most important space on the golf course is the 5” between your ears.”

The chart here demonstrates the Performance Equation:

In other words; no matter how much practice time you put in, working on your swing in lessons or on the range – it won’t make a jot of difference if there is a stack of interference going on in your mind.


Here is my number one, proven to work, tip to help you shift your current mindset:

The 15 shots worse game
This is quite radical but is a necessary step for you to change the record that has been playing for all those years in your mind.

The game goes like this: Work out what your average score has been for the past few months. You now have to go out score at least 15 shots WORSE than that score!

So, if your average is 85, for you to win at this game you have to score at least 100 the next time you play.

However, you lose the game if any of your playing partners ask if you are playing badly on purpose!

Think about how you would feel.

Suddenly the fear of bad shots is removed as this is actually winning at the ‘new’ game.

The self-imposed shackles of PERFORMANCE are also removed. If you commit to this process you will find it extremely liberating.

I have had some amazing feedback like this from a client:

“I was scoring around 23 Stableford points every time I played and was getting really frustrated, especially as I hit the ball pretty good at the range and in lessons.

“So, Pete asked me to go out and score no more than just 8 points! It felt weird to go out and play bad on purpose but we had a £20 bet on it so I thought – what the hell let’s give it a go!

“I felt so free on the golf course especially as it completely removed the stresses I was placing upon myself about my score. The truly incredible thing was; I get through nine holes and I find out I am on 24 points already (that was the £20 gone!)

“Interestingly, I came back in only 10 points for a 34 point total but when Pete asked me what happened on the back nine I had to tell the truth – I felt on the 10th tee that, as I was on for my best ever score, I had better start trying! Turns out I went back to the old habit of focusing on score and trying so hard that it gave me the old result. Silly when I look back on it as I should have just carried on doing what I was doing.”
Lee Morris

If you want to unlock your potential simply book your initial 60 minute session for just £30 at Dunes Golf Centre.

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