By Peter Myers, PGA Professional

When I saw an article in Golf Retailing Magazine recently about a new putter grip from Golf Pride I was immediately interested, especially as it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

Traditional putter grips feature a taper where they go from thick at the top to thin at the bottom although many, like the popular Superstroke grips, maintain an even thickness throughout.

However, I’ve often thought about how good a reverse taper grip would feel and it looks like I am going to find out early next year!

Profile view of Golf Pride Reverse Taper Putter Grip

Introducing: Golf Pride Reverse Taper Putter Grips

Key Features and Benefits of the New Reverse Taper Putter Grips:

  • Advanced Reverse Taper Technology: A breakthrough in design, stabilising both hands during the putting stroke, guaranteeing a squarer putter face at impact irrespective of the player’s grip style.

  • Strategic Design: The grip incorporates a slim upper hand section and progressively wider lower hand section. This ‘Reverse Taper’ design is coupled with a soft touch and increased tacky texture with a dimple pattern, ensuring better traction.

  • Combat Overactive Lower Hand: Golf Pride’s research shows that many golfers struggle with an overactive lower hand while putting. The Reverse Taper technology mitigates this issue, ensuring optimal performance for each hand.

  • Proven Performance: Utilizing the advanced SAMS putting lab, Golf Pride analysed over 21,000 variables in 364 putts. The results were astounding – the Reverse Taper technology ensured a 15% squarer putter face at impact compared to a standard parallel putter grip.

  • Diverse Range: The collection offers three distinct shapes: the ROUND (round-back grip with a frontal flat section), the PISTOL (traditional pistol style in the upper hand), and the FLAT (flat-sided grip for a squared feeling at address). Each design comes in two sizes, MEDIUM and LARGE.

  • High-Quality Material: Golf Pride’s Grip Innovation Centre has developed a unique synthetic material, enhancing feel, comfort, and control while putting.
Face on view of Golf Pride Reverse Taper Putter Grip

The announcement of the Reverse Taper putter grips is monumental in Golf Pride’s ongoing commitment to offer golfers globally top-notch grips and technology. Their philosophy is clear: better putting begins in the hands and culminates with the stroke. Improvements come from using the hands correctly instead of attempting to eliminate them from the stroke.

The Golf Pride Reverse Taper Putter Grip in the hands of a female golfer

For those eager to elevate their golf game, Golf Pride’s Reverse Taper putter grips will be available at Dunes Golf Centre in Fraserburgh from February 2024.

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