Most of the major brands in golf are bringing out new drivers, so over the next few weeks I am going to highlight the features of the best ones.

Starting with the new Ping G425. This is a driver that Youtuber, Rick Shiels has just rated as “The straightest and most forgiving driver I have ever tested”

The G425 comes in 3 head models; The LST, The Max and The SFT.

All three models continue to feature turbulators to reduce drag and increase speed and dragonfly technology that have been a mainstay of Ping driver design for many years now. The T9S+ forged face is also a feature to accelerate face flexing for more distance.

Ping are not ones to bring out completely different designs, but instead they have developed an amazing ability to improve upon already proven technology. Why try to reinvent the wheel? 

The Max

The Max is so named because it elevates the moment of inertia (MOI) to PING’s highest level in history and provide golfers with the most forgiving driver ever! 

The 460cc head features an adjustable 26g tungsten weight at the back that contributes to the high MOI and it can shift position to help you fine tune your ball flight curvature from a fade to a draw if desired. 

In comparison to the LST this is deeper head, so the centre of gravity is further back from the face resulting in a higher launch and provides that unbelievable level of forgiveness. 


The LST model is designed with a pear-shaped head and measures 445cc to deliver spin reductions of approximately 200 rpm compared to the G410 LST and 500-700 rpm versus the G425 Max. This too has the tungsten weight shifter to fine tune your ball flight, albeit a lighter weight than the Max at 17g.

The LST will flight the ball lower than the Max but the sacrifice in forgiveness means it is best suited to the better player who wants to flight the ball lower with less spin. 


SFT stands for Straight Flight Technology and this driver is for anyone who suffers from a slice (a shot that curves off to the right for a right-handed golfer) 

It comes in only a 10.5 loft but, just like the other models in the series, loft can be easily adjusted +/- 1.5 degrees. 

The tungsten weight in the SFT is 23g and is fixed very much in the heel area of the club. This positioning, combined with a more closed clubface, reduces a slice by a further 10 yards compared to the G410 SFT and a massive 25 yards compared to the G425 Max driver.


  • If you want the most forgiving driver ever then the G425 Max is a winner.
  • If you are a good driver of the ball and want to flight the ball lower with less spin then the G425 LST will be your best choice.
  • But, if you tend to slice the ball you need look no further than the G245 SFT. I am confident it will be the best driver you have ever used. 

Our price is £399 which includes a full fitting on the new Foresight GCQuad Launch monitor in the Studio at Dunes Golf Centre. 

You MUST get fitted
As always, these products only perform to their potential when fitted properly.

So much so that Ping have delayed the launch of the G425 to make sure that people cannot buy them online without getting fitted first. 

We are taking bookings now for fittings from 19th February 2021 but if we still can’t do it by then then we will just rearrange it and you will not lose any fitting fee. 

Contact me today via email on or message/call me for more info on 07971 827468

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