In the pursuit of perfecting your golf swing, having the right equipment tailored to your unique movements is paramount.

At Dunes Golf Centre in Fraserburgh, we are committed to providing a first class custom fitting experience using the sophisticated GCQuad by Foresight.

However, a common dilemma among golf enthusiasts is choosing between an indoor fitting session hitting into a screen, or an outdoor session into the driving range.

This article delves into the pros and cons of both scenarios to help guide your decision.

Outdoor Custom Fitting


  • Real Environment: Engage with real conditions; wind, and other environmental elements that significantly impact your game.

  • Ball Flight: Observing the true flight and trajectory of the ball provides a tangible understanding of your shots.

  • Realistic Feedback: High-quality range balls offer realistic feedback on how different clubs or adjustments might impact your game.

  • Enjoyable Experience: For many, the outdoor setting enhances the enjoyment and realism of the fitting experience.


  • Weather Dependency: Weather conditions may affect the scheduling and accuracy of your fitting session.

  • Less Controlled: The outdoor setting introduces more variables, potentially affecting the precision of the analysis.

Indoor Custom Fitting


  • Controlled Environment: The indoor setting provides a controlled environment, eliminating wind and other weather-related variables for consistent data collection.

  • Immediate Data Analysis: The GCQuad offers instant, detailed feedback and analysis, aiding in the efficient fine-tuning of your equipment.

  • Year-Round Availability: Weather is not a hindrance; indoor fittings can be scheduled at your convenience.

  • Use of Premium Balls: Unlike outdoor fittings, indoors you have the option to use the premium ball you normally play with, providing more accurate feedback as range balls may perform differently.

  • Privacy: Some golfers find the indoor setting more relaxing and conducive to natural performance.


  • Lack of Real-World Elements: The indoor setting can’t replicate the real-world conditions you’ll face on the course.

  • Screen Limitation: Seeing the ball’s flight on a screen may not be as satisfying or informative as watching it soar through the air.


The choice between indoor and outdoor custom fitting will likely hinge on personal preferences and the level of insight you desire from the session.

Generally, we’ve observed that lower handicappers tend to prefer indoor fittings. Utilising the ball they normally play with allows for super accurate spin rate analysis, which is crucial for fine-tuning their game.

On the flip side, higher handicappers and newcomers might find more value in outdoor fittings, as seeing the actual ball flight can be quite informative and reassuring.

Whichever you lean towards, Dunes Golf Centre is equipped to provide a tailored fitting experience to meet your needs.

To book your custom fitting, visit or give us a call at 01346 510693. Your journey towards an impeccable golf experience is just a fitting away!

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