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Feeling left behind with shorter drives?

Ready to unlock explosive power and speed in your golf swing?

Join Kris Nicol’s revolutionary program and experience a game-changing increase in your shot distance!

About the Programme:

  • Duration: 4 Weeks (4 x 1-hour sessions)
  • Target Audience: Men, Women, and Juniors – Suitable for All Skill Levels
  • Led By: PGA Professional Kris Nicol

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Transform Your game with Speed:

  • Dramatic Speed Gains: Experience significant increases in clubhead and ball speed

  • Scientifically Validated: Utilizing the principles of Overspeed Training for remarkable results

  • Effortless Power: Learn to achieve higher speeds with less effort

What You’ll Gain:

  • Increased Club Head Speed: Propel your game with faster swing speeds

  • Efficient Swing Mechanics: Improve your swing efficiency and energy transfer

  • Injury Prevention: Learn techniques that reduce the risk of injury

  • Ground Force Utilisation: Enhance your ability to use ground force for more power

  • Optimised Swing Sequencing: Achieve better sequencing for a smoother, more powerful swing

  • Trackable Progress: Monitor your improvements with the GC Quad launch monitor

Why Choose Need for Speed?

  • Expert Coaching: Personalised guidance from Kris Nicol, a PGA Professional who has experienced significant speed gains himself.
  • Proven Results: Average 5% increase in speed for participants.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Includes SuperSpeed training protocols and range balls during sessions.
  • Special Offer: Discount on your own set of SuperSpeed sticks for continued practice.

Ready to Outdrive Your Competition?
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Introductory Offer
Only £199.00

Save £50.00 – Usually £249.00


Doug’s Leap in Swing Speed

The Quest for More Distance

Doug a passionate golfer, always felt a step behind his peers on the course. Despite his accurate shots and strategic play, his drives lacked the distance he desired. Watching his golfing partners outdrive him consistently was both frustrating and demotivating. He knew that to elevate his game and enjoy his rounds even more, he needed one key element: speed.

The Frustration of Stagnation

Determined to add yards to his drives, Doug experimented with various techniques and equipment, but his progress plateaued. He felt stuck, unable to unlock the extra power he knew was within him. His swing felt constrained, and the dream of effortlessly long drives seemed just that – a dream. The lack of improvement began to weigh on his love for the game.

Transformation with Need for Speed

That’s when Doug discovered the “Need for Speed” program at Dunes Golf Centre, led by PGA Professional Kris Nicol. Intrigued by the promise of significant speed gains, he signed up and looked forward to what he could discover. The program was unlike anything he had tried. Kris’s expertise, combined with the innovative SuperSpeed training, opened a new world of possibilities.

Each week, Doug engaged in targeted exercises, feeling his swing transform. The Overspeed Training principles, coupled with Kris’s personalized coaching, unlocked the speed and power he had been missing. The GC Quad launch monitor sessions showed him tangible progress, fueling his motivation.

By the end of the four-week program, Doug’s swing speed had increased remarkably. He was not only outdriving his previous self but also many of his golfing pals. The newfound speed in his swing brought a renewed sense of confidence and joy to his game. Doug had not just improved his drives; he had transformed his entire golfing experience.

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Introductory Offer
Only £199.00

Save £50.00 – Usually £249.00