Overcome the Yips and Rediscover Your Putting Confidence in Just 4 Hours!

Rediscover the joy of Putting

Are the putting yips undermining your confidence on the greens?

Struggling with jerky, uncontrolled putting strokes?

Transform your game with proven techniques to conquer the yips and putt with renewed confidence and precision!

About the Programme:

  • Duration: 4 Hours of Specialised Coaching
  • Format: Flexible Sessions (1 hour or 30 minutes)
    Recommended Plan: 1 hour per week for 4 weeks
  • Target Audience: Golfers Struggling with the Putting Yips
  • Available With: Peter Myers

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Understanding Your Struggle:

  • The Yips – A Golfer’s Challenge: Addressing the mental and physical aspects of the yips

  • Empathetic Approach: Led by PGA Professional Peter Myers, who has personally overcome the yips

  • Rebuilding Confidence: Techniques and strategies to regain trust in your putting stroke

What You’ll Learn:

  • Personalised Techniques: Tailored methods to combat your specific type of yips

  • Mental Resilience: Building a stronger mindset to overcome anxiety and tension

  • Practical Drills: Exercises designed to restore smoothness and consistency in your putting

  • Video Analysis: Review and feedback on your putting stroke for continued improvement

Why Choose No More Yips?

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from someone who has successfully conquered the yips
  • Compassionate Coaching: A program that understands and addresses your frustrations
  • Tailored to You: Individualised coaching to suit your unique challenges.
  • Revive Your Love for Golf: Regain the joy and anticipation of playing and of course – holing more putts!

Ready to Say Goodbye to the Yips?
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Introductory Offer
Only £199.00

Save £50.00 – Usually £249.00


Jack’s Journey Beyond the Yips

The Unseen Adversary

Jack, an avid golfer, loved the game more than anything. His drives were strong, his iron play solid, but when it came to putting, a hidden adversary lurked – the yips. What started as occasional misses on short putts soon turned into a persistent problem. The yips shook his confidence, turning each putting stroke into a battle with anxiety. The joy of playing was overshadowed by the dread of putting, and the game he loved became a source of frustration.

The Battle Within

The yips weren’t just affecting Jack’s score; they were affecting his love for the game. He tried various techniques, read articles, and even considered changing his putter. But the erratic jerks and twitches persisted. His friends noticed his struggle, offering sympathy but no solution. The mental block seemed insurmountable, and Jack began to lose hope, questioning his future in the game.

Turning the Tide with No More Yips

That’s when Jack heard about the “No More Yips” program at Dunes Golf Centre, led by PGA Professional Peter Myers, who had himself overcome the yips. With a mix of desperation and hope, Jack enrolled. The program was unlike anything he had tried. Peter’s firsthand experience and empathetic approach made all the difference. He learned not just techniques to steady his hands, but also strategies to calm his mind.

Through personalised coaching, practical drills, and mental resilience training, Jack began to see a change. His putting stroke became smoother, and the anxiety that once gripped him started to fade. The video analysis and feedback provided insights that transformed his approach to putting.

Jack’s breakthrough came not just in his technique, but in his mindset. The yips, once a formidable foe, became a challenge he had overcome. With renewed confidence and joy, Jack returned to the game he loved, looking forward to every putt.

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Introductory Offer
Only £199.00

Save £50.00 – Usually £249.00