Master Your Iron Play in Just 4 Hours!

There’s no feeling like a sweetly struck iron shot

Are you topping, thinning or fatting your shots from the deck?

Most of your irons sending the ball the same distance?

Frustrated by ruining a good tee shot with a poor second from the fairway?

About the Programme:

  • Duration: 4 Hours of Specialised Coaching
  • Format: Flexible Sessions (1 hour or 30 minutes)
  • Suitable For: Golfers of All Ages and Skill Levels
  • Available With: Kris Nicol or Peter Myers

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Only £199.00

Save £50.00 – Usually £249.00

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Elevate Your Iron Game:

  • Strike Quality and Consistency: Learn to hit your irons with precision and consistency

  • Personalised Analysis: Using the GCQuad launch monitor, understand your swing mechanics and ball flight

  • Overcome Common Errors: Say goodbye to top shots, thin shots, and fat shots.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Optimal Impact Factors: Discover how to create the perfect impact with every iron shot

  • Perfect Distance Gaps: With great striking you learn exactly how far you hit each club

  • Customised Instructions: Receive easy-to-understand guidance tailored to your style

  • Effective Practice: Get practice session guides and drills for rapid improvement

  • Video Analysis: A video summary sent to your phone after each lesson for continued learning

Why Choose Pure Striking?

  • Expert Coaching: Learn from PGA Qualified Professionals.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilise the GCQuad launch monitor for detailed analysis.
  • Tailored to You: Lessons adapted to your individual needs and skill level.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Video summaries, practice guides, and drills included.
  • The Joy of Pure Striking: Experience the satisfaction of perfectly struck iron shots.

Ready to Master Your Iron Play?
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  4. Enjoy your lessons and shooting lower scores

Introductory Offer
Only £199.00

Save £50.00 – Usually £249.00


Emily’s Iron Play Breakthrough

The Iron Dilemma

Emily, a keen golfer with a love for the game, found herself in a recurring predicament. Her drives off the tee were solid, and her putting was improving, but her iron play was a source of constant frustration. Whether it was a top shot, a thin strike, or the dreaded fat shot, her inconsistency with irons was holding her back. She knew that to lower her scores and truly enjoy her rounds, she needed to master her iron shots.

The Struggle for Consistency

Each round, Emily watched in disappointment as her poorly struck iron shots veered off target, costing her valuable strokes. She tried adjusting her stance, grip, and swing based on tips from friends and online videos, but the improvements were fleeting. The inconsistency was not just affecting her scores; it was impacting her confidence and enjoyment of the game.

Transformation with Pure Striking

That’s when Emily discovered the “Pure Striking – Master Your Iron Play” program at Dunes Golf Centre. With a blend of curiosity and hope, she signed up. The program, led by PGA Qualified Professionals, was transformative. Using the GCQuad launch monitor, the coaches analyzed her swing and impact factors, providing insights she had never considered.

The personalised coaching, coupled with practical drills and video summaries sent to her phone, revolutionized her approach to iron play. Emily learned the secrets to striking her irons purely, with techniques tailored to her individual style. She began to strike her irons with newfound consistency and accuracy, feeling the satisfying ‘pure’ contact with each shot.

Thanks to the “Pure Striking” program, Emily’s rounds became more enjoyable and her scores improved significantly. She now approached each iron shot with confidence, relishing the opportunity to demonstrate her improved skills.

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Introductory Offer
Only £199.00

Save £50.00 – Usually £249.00