Here is Part 2 of my series on making you great from the sand (Read Part 1 here)

Once you have grasped the correct technique this really is the easiest shot in golf. In Part 1 I talked about the set-up and the type of swing you should be making.

To recap: The body is the engine; you need to make a committed follow through towards the target. There is no ‘Plan B’ on bunker play – you have to go for it!

With this in mind I have a couple of drills that will help you to make the right move to become a great bunker player.

Drill 1 is the walk through drill. This is designed to get you to make a weight transfer through a rotational movement of the body TOWARDS the target.

Draw a line in the practice bunker and aim to take the line as you step through in the downswing. If you are finding it very difficult to make the step then without doubt you are loading up the right side with your weight.
Click the images to enlarge them.Keep practicing it until the step through and downswing are coordinated and therefore the move feels very easy.

Of course, once this is mastered you can then make the swing with the same sensation as the step through but by holding the follow through in the classic finishing pose.

Drill 2 is designed to get the right body movement combined with the correct release of the club. Using the right hand to deliver the club to the sand and utilising the bounce of the club.

The starting position of this drill simulates the position just after impact. The movement through gets you ‘feeling’ the ‘release’ as you throw the sand behind you, over your left shoulder.Again, this should be practiced a few times before you attempt to put it into play.

Follow these simple steps and you will soon be playing bunker shots with a confidence that makes the seemingly difficult task very easy indeed. If you watch the Pro’s on tour you may have noticed how easy they make this shot look.

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