Once upon a crisp morning in Fraserburgh, two legends of leisure, Phil McIver and Derek Bates, embarked on a delightful journey.

Phil from Turriff and Derek from Foveran…Their destination? The cherished Happy Hour at Dunes Golf Centre.

A magical time where the joy of golf perfectly pairs with the delight of coffee and bacon rolls, all bundled into an adventure costing only £10!

Phil, known across the land for his mighty swing and Derek, famed for his unparalleled banter, were no ordinary heroes. Their battleground? The Toptracer range at Dunes, where the echo of balls flying and the scent of freshly ground Caber coffee blend in a symphony of morning bliss.

As the clock struck 10, our heroes were armed not just with golf clubs but with an insatiable appetite for competition… and bacon!

The deal was simple yet splendid: 100 balls, a coffee that could awaken a sleeping dragon, and a bacon roll so delicious it was rumoured to be crafted by the gods themselves.

The Long Drive game mode was their chosen duel, where each shot was a tale of glory, each miss a jest that fuelled their laughter. Phil’s balls soared with the ambition of eagles, while Derek’s shots were as cunning as foxes, each aiming to outdo the other, not just in distance but in wit.

But the saga took a turn when the wise Pro, Peter Myers, introduced them to new realms – the Approach Shot Challenge and the Driving Challenge. Here, accuracy was king, and distance but a jester. This new chapter brought with it a fresh wave of banter, where each shot was not just a test of skill but a battle of wits.

Morning after morning, through rain or shine, Phil and Derek’s ritual at Dunes became a beacon for all. It wasn’t just about the golf or the gourmet delights; it was about friendship, laughter, and the joy of finding a haven where time stood still, and the only worries were whether the next shot would hit its mark or if the bacon roll could possibly taste any better.

The Moral of the Story?

In the heart of Fraserburgh lies a treasure not buried in sand traps or hidden in water hazards, but served up with coffee and bacon rolls between 10 and 11am, Tuesday to Saturday.

It’s a place where friendships are forged, laughter is shared, and the game of golf is enjoyed in its truest spirit.

There is no need to book, just turn up and enjoy.

PS. Don’t have any clubs or have never even played golf before? Don’t worry – club hire is free and the friendly team at Dunes are always on hand to offer you advice to get you started.


  • Peter Myers

    PGA Golf Professional since 1997 Director of entertainment at Dunes Golf Centre in Fraserburgh Passionate about creating opportunities for everyone to play and enjoy golf Proud Yorkshireman Loves Leeds United and enjoys a BrewDog or two