Imagine a passion that lights up your world, only to watch it slowly fade into the shadow of everyday life. This isn’t just a story about golf; it’s about reclaiming the parts of ourselves we’ve been forced to set aside.

For John, a Fraserburgh local balancing the tightrope of work and family life, that passion was golf.

Once a sanctuary, the greens had become ghost towns in the landscape of his memories, places he could no longer visit, lost to the relentless march of adulthood!

But amidst the echo of lost swings, a beacon of hope flickered in the North East of Scotland. It promised the impossible – a chance to step back into the game, to reconnect with the joy and camaraderie of golf, no matter the constraints of time or the whims of Scottish weather.

This isn’t just John’s story. It’s the story of every golfer who thought they had to hang up their clubs too soon.

Dive into the journey of rediscovery at Dunes Golf Centre, where golf is for everyone, every day, come rain or shine. Because here, we believe the game you love should never become a game you used to love.

A Swing at Redemption

John’s discovery of Dunes Golf Centre and its Toptracer powered golf range was like finding a hidden door to Narnia in his backyard. The promise of playing, practicing, and enjoying golf in under an hour, in any weather, was a game-changer. Dunes Golf Centre wasn’t just offering a round of golf; it was offering a round of hope, a chance to reclaim a lost love.

With the best ball-tracking technology in the world, Toptracer has transformed the driving range experience. It’s not just about hitting balls; it’s about playing golf in a whole new way. John could compete with friends, track his performance, and even simulate playing on famous courses around the world—all within the span of a lunch break.

the toptracer golf driving range at Dunes Golf Centre allows you to play courses like St.Andrews in the virtual golf gmae mode

Beyond the Range

The transformation was about more than just convenience. It was about community. The covered bays and floodlit range meant that John could connect with friends old and new, sharing laughs and friendly competition well into the evening. The game modes brought a new level of excitement and challenge, reigniting the competitive spirit that had lain dormant within him.

John found himself improving, not just in his skills but in his love for the game. The challenges, like Toptracer30 and the long drive competitions, were more than just games; they were milestones on his journey back to golf.

The Heart of the Story

This tale of rediscovery at Dunes Golf Centre is a beacon for all who have felt the sting of lost passions. It’s a reminder that it’s never too late to return to the things that bring us joy, to reconnect with the communities that make those joys richer.

Dunes Golf Centre, Floodlit Driving range in Fraserburgh, North East Scotland

John’s story is your invitation to step out of the shadows and into the light of the floodlit range at Dunes Golf Centre. To not just remember the golfer you once were, but to become the golfer you’re meant to be.

So, if you’ve ever felt like John, thinking that the days of enjoying your passions are behind you, let this story be your guide back to the game.  Dunes Golf Centre is more than a place to play golf; it’s a place to rediscover the joy of the game, no matter what life throws your way.

Because here, we understand that life gets busy, but that shouldn’t mean giving up on the game you love. Come and see for yourself.

The fairways may have felt like a memory, but at Dunes Golf Centre, they’re waiting for you, just as you left them, ready for your triumphant return.

Dunes Golf Centre is open 7 days a week:
Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm

There is no booking of bays, just turn up!

For the very best experience we highly recommend downloading the free of charge Toptracer Range app to your mobile device, though this is not compulsory.

For more information call us on 01346 510693


  • Peter Myers

    PGA Golf Professional since 1997 Director of entertainment at Dunes Golf Centre in Fraserburgh Passionate about creating opportunities for everyone to play and enjoy golf Proud Yorkshireman Loves Leeds United and enjoys a BrewDog or two