Comparing Top-Tier Golf Balls: Titleist ProV1, Titleist AVX, Callaway Chrome Soft, Taylormade TP5, and Srixon Z-Star

Finding the right golf ball to complement your game can significantly enhance your performance on the course. Today, we will compare five of the most popular high-performance golf balls on the market: the Titleist ProV1, Titleist AVX, Callaway Chrome Soft, Taylormade TP5, and Srixon Z-Star. Each of these models has unique features designed to suit different playing styles and preferences.

Titleist ProV1

The Titleist ProV1 has long been a favorite amongst amateur and professional golfers alike, known for its superior performance and quality. The ProV1 offers a fantastic balance between distance, spin, and control. It features a three-piece design with a soft Urethane Elastomer cover which provides a high spin rate around the greens for great control. It also has a very soft feel, offering excellent feedback. One potential downside, however, is the higher price tag associated with this premium ball.

£47.99 a dozen – Shop ProV1 Here

I have played the ProV1 for most of my professional golf career and for much of the time when I was representing Scotland as an amateur. It’s a ball I trust to deliver on all aspects of my game from tee shots to short game and everything in between.
Kris Nicol – PGA Professional at Dunes Golf Centre, Fraserburgh

Titleist AVX

The Titleist AVX is another high-performance ball, designed for golfers who prefer a softer feel and lower ball flight than the ProV1. It offers a bit less spin around the greens compared to the ProV1, but its lower compression core results in a softer feel, which many golfers find appealing. The AVX’s aerodynamically optimized design can result in longer distances on full swing shots. While the AVX does offer less spin around the greens than the ProV1, it still provides excellent control and durability.

£47.99 a dozen – Shop AVX Here

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway’s Chrome Soft offers a four-piece design with a Dual SoftFast Core, which aims to maximize distance. The Chrome Soft provides a high level of control around the greens due to its soft urethane cover. This golf ball is designed to suit golfers of all swing speeds, providing long distance on drives and long irons, with a softer feel for improved control on short game shots. The Chrome Soft offers a premium performance, comparable to the Titleist balls but often better suited to amateur swing speeds.

£47.99 a dozen – Shop Chrome Soft Here

Taylormade TP5

The Taylormade TP5 is a five-layer golf ball that aims to optimise performance for each club in your bag. The Tri-Fast Core provides low spin and high velocity for maximum distance off the tee, while the dual-spin cover offers high spin on short irons and wedges, allowing for great control around the greens. The TP5 also has a relatively soft feel for a multilayer ball, contributing to good feedback on putts and short game shots. Some players may find it slightly less durable than its competitors due to the softer outer cover. With very similar playing characterstics to the ProV1 it’s a very attractive buy when on offer at under £40.00 a dozen.

£39.99 a dozen – Shop TP5 Here

I made the switch to TP5 from ProV1 a few years ago and I am a big fan. There is no difference in performance for me and at a cheaper price point currently they are a great buy.
Peter Myers – PGA Professional at Dunes Golf Centre, Fraserburgh

Srixon Z-Star

The Srixon Z-Star is a three-piece golf ball that boasts the thinnest urethane cover on the market, providing exceptional spin control around the greens. The FastLayer Core offers a soft center that gradually transitions to a firmer outer edge, providing high ball speeds off the driver and long irons. The Z-Star is particularly loved for its impressive greenside spin and control. In terms of durability and price, it’s in line with the other balls on this list.

£39.99 a dozen – Shop Z-Star Here

In conclusion, while all these balls offer premium performance, the best golf ball for you largely depends on your individual game and preferences. The ProV1 and AVX cater to those who prefer a softer feel and superior greenside control, while the Callaway Chrome Soft provides a great balance of distance and control at a slightly lower price point. The Taylormade TP5’s five-layer design offers optimized performance for each club, and the Srixon Z-Star’s thin urethane cover allows for excellent spin control. Try them out for yourself and see which one complements your game the best.

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